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¡Yoko ver. 3.0!

Sí, amigos, por fin está aquí la reedición de los siete primeros capítulos, que incluyen mejoras como la recodificación y la mejora del audio español de los primeros episodios. Además de la versión inglesa con subtítulos fijos, se han añadido subtítulos flotantes en inglés, así que los angloparlantes podrán elegir entre ambas opciones, y los hispanoparlantes tendrán más fuentes para descargar. A disfrutarlos, ¡y pronto el capítulo 8!

El torrent


Yes, finally we´ve got the re-release of the first seven chapters, with improved picture quality for the first ones. From now on this will be considered the canonical version of the chapters, and thus the previous versions have been removed from scarywater. Besides the hard subbed english version, the dual one now has english floating subs too, so you´ve got both choices, and spanish-speaking people have more sources to download. Enjoy them, and soon chapter 8!

The fixed subs torrent
The floating subs torrent (eng.-spa.)


At 4:32 a. m., Anonymous the_devil2000 said...

Only notice this series is being subbed by this group recently, so never seen the old version but the re-release version are done to a high standard and better than many I have seen recently, nice work.
I have seen couple of episodes of this series when I was a kid and always wanted to watch the series from the beginning, it is exciting to see some fansub group are doing series from the 80s & 90s and this series is without a doubt one of my childhood favorite, Thank you for subbing this series and looking forward to your next released!

At 4:52 a. m., Blogger Boss Borot said...

Thank you so much for the kind words. I´m in love with this series too, and I hope to release it complete.

At 8:18 p. m., Anonymous the_devil2000 said...

It's good to hear you love the show, too coz that's what motivate translator to sub a show, what interesting about this show is this show its not to do with just singing, its about meeting people and interesting experience as well, don't get me wrong I love the singing and the background music, coz I have the mp3 album to "Must be in Shibuya" & Disc 3 vocal album. Hope I could help out with translation in the future but it is still too early for me only start learning japanese this year!

At 1:54 a. m., Anonymous doink-chan said...

Hi, I'm doinkies...mi español es muy mal, so this post will be in English. Anyway, thanks for subbing Idol Tenshi Youkoso Youko. I'm liking this series so far and hopefully episode 8 will be coming soon. I also hope that you'll do some more series of this type in the future...I would especially appreciate it if you subbed Idol Densetsu Eriko as well, since that is kind of like a precursor to Youko, except...much more dramatic. XD Anyway, keep up the good work.

At 5:59 p. m., Blogger Boss Borot said...

Eriko is a possibility, since I possess the raws... the only problem is lack of time, but as I´m looking for collaborators thay may be solved.

At 7:03 a. m., Anonymous Anónimo said...

Thanks very much for your works. You know! It's really hard to find this series (DVD). It's kind of (very) old series and I love it so much. I am looking forword to your work!!!

At 4:15 p. m., Anonymous Anónimo said...

Seeders for 1-7 floating subs torrent?

I picked up episode 8, and it was a lot of fun. Felt a bit lost with the characters, though, so would like to get 1-7.

Hope we can get some seeders for the spanish/english 1-7 floating subs. Looks like the torrent is runnin' on empty.

Thanks for doing this series, the older anime is tons of fun!

At 11:57 p. m., Blogger Boss Borot said...

I´ll be seeding all chapters for a while, don´t worry.

At 6:35 a. m., Anonymous Anónimo said...

I've seen this series several years ago on a local TV show, and I enjoy it very much. Thank you so much for subbing it. I was wondering if youre still seeding episode 1-7 (floading sub) cos a couple of people (including me) are stuck on around 99%. Can you please reseed it? Thanks anyway


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