domingo, junio 19, 2005

First english chapter re-released

This re-release features improved picture quality and minor translation corrections.

The torrent file:


At 4:37 p. m., Anonymous Ribo said...

I'm a huge fan of Mika Kanai, and I'm really glad you're subbing one of the few anime where she has the major lead. Thank you so much man.
(Yeah, I was a bit slow to notice)

At 6:21 p. m., Anonymous AnĂ³nimo said...

Thank you for the dedication you have shown to this anime. I anticipate every new release.

At 2:10 p. m., Blogger Boss Borot said...

Thanks a lot for the support! Look forward for the new chapters!

At 2:21 p. m., Anonymous Thibi said...

oo sweet to bring it out in english subs ^^

little question, are those vhs-rips? dvd-rips? or dtv-tips?

keep up the good job

At 9:40 a. m., Anonymous AnĂ³nimo said...

I got the original Episode 1 release quite some time ago. I was trying to help out with some seeding while I was waiting for Episode 7 to finish downloading. I realized that although the file name was the same the Episode 1 release I was trying to seed was different than the one you had a torrent for. I started re-downloading it as well. Now my problem is that no one is seeding. Can someone seed for an hour or so? I'm at over 87% so a couple hours should finish the job.

Thanks ahead of time.

At 9:56 p. m., Anonymous Terry said...

I have Episode 1 release #2 English version downloaded at up to 98.9% Could someone please seed for about a half hour? It won't take long to finish.

Is there another place I could make this request?

Thank you


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