domingo, junio 18, 2006

¡Subido el capítulo 8! - Chapter 8 up!

Un ático hecho a mano

Yoko y Saki son pobres como ratas, su ático no tiene ni un mueble... ¡Es la hora de empezar a trabajar! ¿Pero puede una chica encontrar un trabajo en Shibuya? ¡Nuestras dos amigas sí, aunque sea un empleo arriesgado! Mientras tanto, Kyoko intenta reencontrarse con su pasado.

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A hand-made loft

Yoko and Saki are poor like rats, their loft hasn´t got any furniture... It´s time to look for a job! But can a girl find one in Shibuya? Our two friends can, even though it´s risky work! Meanwhile, Kyoko tries to recover her past.

The fixed subs torrent
The floating subs torrent


At 4:29 p. m., Anonymous Anónimo said...

You guys are great and amazing to pick up this show! Actually we honobono are doing another AshiPro+TVSetouchi show...are you going to do Eriko too, eventually? And now even Ribbon no kishi... Wow I'm so impressed I even feel like paypal-ing you to support your projects :)

I believe your team is very good, but in case there happen to be something not very clear (a hard-to-get word/line or a hard-to-get joke by that Shudo) you can tell us the ep # and mm:ss so that we'll try to help you... anidb says this fansub is 'stalled' but I really hope you'll go on, so more ppl will know this show (the first 10 or so episodes are 'normal' but like you know it's getting hilarious, and experimental even, as it goes on...)

At 5:14 p. m., Anonymous Anónimo said...

Thanks for your work.I'll waiting for the next.

At 8:08 a. m., Anonymous fao said...

The torrent can't be downloaded now completely. Could someone be seed?

At 5:18 p. m., Blogger benjamin klein said...

where the sequel of this anime will be realaesed ?


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